the most common website myth

The Most Common Website Myth

There are many common myths surrounding websites, so it’s not unusual for people to get the wrong idea and become frustrated. The most common website myth we hear is, ‘I Can build my own website and Save Money.’

Kristin formed a College Counseling business, and she initially created her initial website. As her company grew, making changes and adding content became too time-consuming and beyond her technical skills. When she spoke to potential clients, her website did not reflect the services and benefits she offered. She hired us to redesign and manage the website, freeing Kristin to focus on getting more clients. Six months later, she exceeded her new client targets, and her website content is now in sync with her company marketing.

A website is more than an accessory. It’s the online home you invest in to engage with your visitors, showcase your work, describe your products and services, and so much more. Most importantly, it must reflect what you can do for your potential customer.

If you are a small business owner that is ready to have your website reflect your current business, Bizography, Inc. can help – We Grow Business by Design.  Learn more or contact us today to get started!