Does your website convert or divert

Does your Website Convert or Divert Customers from Your Business?

You’ve managed to promote and increase your website’s traffic, but does your website convert or divert customers from your business? One of the most common problems that small business owners have is turning their website visitors into customers. Small businesses spend a lot of money on marketing services to drive interested prospects to their website. However, most visitors will never contact the company due to a lack of conversion techniques on their website to turn suspects into opportunities.

Paul is a marriage counselor who has a very informative website. It talks about how his expertise helps couples, his experience, and his credentials. However, he gets few inquiries via this website. A closer look at his website revealed nothing to compel visitors to take the next step like “Contact Us,” “Book a Free Consultation,” or landing pages offering expertise in exchange for prospect information. We quickly inserted these items into his website to help convert visitors. He now gets three legitimate inquiries a month.

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