Tips for Building a Landing Page

When potential buyers arrive at your offer or website, your landing page will likely be the first thing they see. They will not stay long if the page isn’t quick, simple, and trustworthy. Below are tips for building a landing page that converts.

What is a Landing Page?

First, it’s important to clearly understand the purpose of the landing page and what makes it different. It’s not just another website page. 

A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for marketing or an advertising campaign. It doesn’t have any website navigation, and all design, text, and page attributes should keep visitors focused on the desired action of the page. 

Landing Page Tips

The following tips will help you structure your landing page effectively.

  1. KISS – Keep It Short and Simple – Your landing page needs to be straight to the point and as simple as possible. Don’t forget to use images, graphics, video content to grab your visitors’ attention.
  2. Get Faster Load Speed for Your Landing Page – According to a study, nearly 70% of consumers admitted that page loading speeds affected their purchase decisions. Furthermore, the study found that over half the responders would hit the back button if the page took more than 6 seconds to load. 
  3. Optimize Your Landing Page for Mobile – If your landing page isn’t fully responsive and optimized for mobile, you could face a significant downturn in conversions moving forward. 
  4. Add a Clear CTA – You can have all of the above in place, but when your potential customers don’t immediately understand the next step, they leave. That’s where the importance of a great Call-To-Action (CTA) comes into play. 
  5. Create Trust in Your Landing Page – It isn’t easy to convert someone who doesn’t trust you or your website. Consider adding elements to your landing page that create trust and show other people satisfied with their purchase.

Conversion rates will skyrocket if you have a quick landing page that’s easy to navigate no matter what device you’re using and fosters trust. 

We Can Help!

Follow all of these tips to achieve the best results. Let Bizography work with you to build landing pages that convert. The benefits of our services will allow you to work with more interested prospects and customers.  

At Bizography, we help small business owners sell their products or services online. Our goal is to make your online business presence a strategic part of your business and your success. Contact us today to learn more about tips for building a landing page, or call us at 678-254-4004.