Capture Leads on Your Website

Having a website for a small business is a given today. But if you want to drive more sales, it is crucial to understand why you need to capture leads on your website. A lead is just the contact information of a prospective customer. On a website, we capture leads using web forms. Capturing contact details from the site allows a company to continue to market to prospects as they move down the sales funnel, where they can inform, build trust, and convert visitors into customers. If they do not capture leads, then a visitor to the site is more than likely lost forever.

One of our clients, Sally, who provides Senior Care Services, recently received a lead that came in because a Doctor referred his client to her service. The prospect went to Sally’s website, and after reading information about her services, they submitted the Inquiry Form, with the relevant contact details. Now Sally is working with the prospect, and she couldn’t be happier and is excited about the leads captured on her website.

I’m an excellent referral for the owner of a driveway repair and replacement company that wants people to call him, but he’s been cold calling door-to-door in your neighborhood. When he comes to your door, ask him if he tracks his steps on a Fitbit. We can drive more sales from his website by capturing leads.