Why Blogging Matters?

Blogging as a marketing tool has been around for a long time. WordPress, one of the most popular platforms for building business websites, actually started as a blogging tool and morphed into a web design and hosting platform.

Today, digital marketers extensively use blogging to increase the visibility of their businesses and websites, market and sell their products and services, and share their expertise with their target audience or existing clients. Blogs can contain photos, videos, links to emails, websites, and other content. This rich content can trigger a customer inquiry or make your target audience more aware of your products and services.

Blogging can be connected to social media to allow a company to distribute its blog to social media platforms. In this scenario, the blog is used as a way to distribute your content to multiple online platforms simultaneously.

Finally, blogs can generate additional Google entries when optimized for search engines. This allows your blog to link back to websites, landing pages, inquiry forms, and other online content, thus increasing its ranking on search engines like Google.

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