the top 5 clues you will see

According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses. When potential customers want to know more about your business, they go to your website if you have one. When you appear in local search results, they’ll do the same thing if you have one. In just about any situation, potential customers will check out your website right away. Here are the top 5 clues you will SEE when someone needs a website. 

  1. The company uses a Gmail/Yahoo account as their business email instead of using a website domain. 
  2. There’s no website address or social media accounts on their business cards. 
  3. They use Facebook as their website.
  4. The website doesn’t work on a cellphone or tablet.
  5. The website needs a refresh/modern look. 

These are all clues that a business needs help marketing their business online.  

Refer me to the owner of an HVAC company who doesn’t have a website and says he’s as busy as he wants to be for the foreseeable future. He gets all his referrals from friends. Ask him if he enjoys playing the lottery.