Reach New Customers Using Online Marketing Campaigns

reach more customers using a variety of online marketing campaigns.

In the last three months, we’ve talked to 3 business owners who’ve each been in business for over 20 years. These businesses have been successful, yet today they all hold the same fate; their phones don’t ring. The way customers seek their type of services has dramatically changed.  Today, it’s critical for small business owners to reach new customers using a variety of online marketing campaigns.

We’re working with each of these clients to build a digital marketing strategy that will allow them to generate new leads from their website, email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing. We’ll leverage their existing customers to generate referrals and online reviews. We’ll optimize their website via SEO to ensure their businesses show up on relevant searches. Finally, we’ll post promotions on social media to increase awareness and generate sales opportunities.

A good referral for us is the owner of a commercial cleaning company. She uses telemarketers to get new clients. Ask her if she’s on the Do Not Call List.