Marketing Your Business Online During the Off-Season

marketing your business in the off-season


Whether you own a landscape, Christmas tree farm or pest control business, it’s important to continue marketing your business online during the off-season. Once the peak season ends, sales begin to slow down and may even come to a standstill.  But don’t let these seasonal slowdowns get you frustrated. The off-season is the perfect time to focus on your digital marketing efforts for two reasons.

  1. You create top of mind awareness. The work you do to promote and build your brand during the off-season keeps your company’s name on the mind of potential customers.
  2. You will outsmart your competition. By marketing in the off-season, you give yourself time to educate your audience on what your company offers. Once your peak season hits, people will understand the benefits of your business. Your competitors will wait until the peak season to reach out to their audience.

We recommend that customers start campaigns at least 60 to 90 days before their peak season. The off-season is a good time for our clients to update content on their website, and post on their social media pages and their blog. They should also increase email marketing campaigns and use social media platforms to promote special offers and generate hype for the next season ensure a strong start for the peak season.

We work with a hardscape company which does 90% of their sales from March thru October. Beginning in January, we increase the frequency of their blog, email marketing, and social media posts. All are inexpensive ways to inform their audience of their upcoming season. It also helps us reach potential customers who are looking for their services.

Refer me to the owner of a pool cleaning service who’d rather be onsite cleaning pools than stay in the office running the business.