Marketing While Social Distancing

While the world has been turned upside down as a result of the Coronavirus, business is still being conducted. So how do you conduct business while Social Distancing? Digital Marketing is the answer. It’s now more critical than ever to have a cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy that includes:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Directory Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing.

In times like this, start marketing to the people you already have a relationship with “Existing Customers.” Now is a great time to reach out via telephone or email campaign and make your clients aware of what you are doing to facilitate doing business with you. Offer tips on how you can add value using your products or services.

Now that so many people are working remotely and are spending more time in front of a computer, use this opportunity to present your products or services via Digital Marketing services to gain more awareness, offer special promotions and discounts to keep your business moving forward.

At Bizography, we put Digital Marketing to work every day for small and medium-sized businesses. Contact us today to learn how to market your business from a distance effectively.