Leverage Your Expertise to Get More Clients

Many small business owners do very little proactively to market their business every week.  An easy way to start is to leverage your expertise to get more clients by sharing it with your partners, ideal customers, and existing customers.

Valerie is a real estate agent and participates in a weekly networking group where she gives a 1-minute speech on different aspects of her business. We took her weekly 1-minute speeches and posted them to her Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter social media accounts. We also created a monthly Newsletter for her customers and partners.  Now she is sharing her expertise with clients and prospects who don’t attend her weekly networking meetings. We are generating relevant content throughout the year that gets her ideal clients to visit her website. This will also reinforce her as a trusted advisor to her existing clients.

Refer me to your friend Nancy, a CPA, who has a limited marketing budget but wants to leverage her years of expertise to get more clients.