Is Your Website an Asset in Your Sales Cycle?

Recently, we got an incoming call from a prospective client about our services.  I spoke to the potential client about our services and how we do business. I went into details about our approach to providing our services and how we differentiate ourselves from competitors.  After talking for 15 minutes the potential client stated:

“I must confess to you that I took a look at your LinkedIn profile, your website and portfolio, your downloadable brochure, customer reviews and actually spoke to 3 of your clients before I called you.  Our conversation just now reiterated what I saw in your collateral, website, brochure and everything your clients said about you and your company.  I am convinced that you are the right firm for my company.  How do we move forward?”

It was one of the quickest sales I ever made.  This encounter validated the importance of having a professional website, and the important role a website plays as part of our sales cycle.  It can help sell a client or take them from the start thru to the end of the sales cycle quickly.  So ask your yourself, does your website help improve your sales process?

Your website is often your potential clients’ first impression of your business and will play a key role throughout the sales cycle.  We have all heard that the best customer is an educated customer, so be prepared when speaking with potential clients because in all likelihood they will have viewed your website and will be prepared and educated.  #digitalmarketing #smallbusinessmarketing #professionalwebsite #atlanta

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