Informational Website or a Web Business?

Do you have an informational website or a web business? Due to the Coronavirus, many companies have been scrambling to set up the infrastructure to provide operational functions and customer-facing services to support clients while still trying to attract and sell new clients. Many of these small businesses have realized that their online presence is simply an informational website and not a true web-business.

A web-business allows companies to operate virtually, effectively market their products and services, and support their existing customers efficiently. Unfortunately, many of these companies are now playing catch up to their more insightful competitors. Systems, such as online appointment schedulers, customer portals, online form creation, downloadable documents, integrated payment processing, and sales tracking systems, are just a few of the solutions that we implement to help companies operate more effectively. These systems improve operational functions and customer-facing services with less overhead, anytime, anyplace, as long as they have an internet connection to a phone, tablet, or computer.

A good referral for me is that small business that is out of their comfort zone operating virtually. We can show them how to make the cash register ring even when they don’t have one.  #Bizography #webbusiness #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #onlineoperations #infrastructure #alpharettawebdesign #emailmarketing