Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Drive more traffic to your website

Email marketing, social media, and online advertising are all popular ways for small businesses to get customers. But we can’t forget about the importance of having a professional website with Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves techniques to help search engines, like Google, find and rank a website in organic search results when someone types in a keyword or phrase. Implementing SEO will help your business rank higher on Google and drive more traffic to your website.

One of my customers called this week and told me he received 5 inquiries from his website. As an Endodontist, this was important to him because he usually gets referrals from Dentists. But since we’ve been doing SEO on his website, it ranks 1st and is getting customers through organic searches.

Refer me to the owner of a tree service. He’s always booked solid after a storm, but his workers have to find other part-time work when business is slow. Ask him if he has a lot of employee turnover?