It’s True! Word of Mouth and Customer Referrals are high-quality ways for a small business to get customers.  These types of referrals have a 70% or higher close rate. So how do we get more of these types of referrals? Drumbeat Please! The answer is Content Marketing. Okay, so we have all heard of content marketing, but what does it really mean.  No matter your area of expertise, you have professional knowledge that the average Joe just does not have.  I think we can all agree that the more educated the customer, the more informed decisions a potential customer can make about your product or service.

Content Marketing is a way of educating the customer and using Digital Marketing services like Social Media Marketing, Directory Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Blogging, and Online Advertising shares your expertise and informs your potential customer.  These services generate attention and buzz about your business. Targeting content to your ideal client creates a whirlwind of activity that gets existing customers and prospects, noticing your products and services.  This exposure is what generates that desired Word of Mouth and Customer Referrals.

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