strategy for marketing

Building a Strategy for Marketing Your Business

What’s your marketing plan to get business? This is a mystery question for many small business owners. We consult with small business owners to help them build a comprehensive strategy for marketing their business. We examine what they currently do, identify their ideal clients, develop a plan to reach them, and choose the marketing channels that will work best. This strategy will ensure they grow their business.

Eric was a new business owner who had trouble positioning his services, targeting the right people to sell to, and finding the right price point that works. We built a detailed marketing plan that used graphic design to represent his business visually, priced his services around the value provided to his clients, and designed a sales process for selling his services all for $2500. Eric doubled his business and now has a roadmap to success. 

At Bizography, we help small business owners build a comprehensive strategy to market and sell their products online. Our goal is to make your online business presence a strategic part of your business and your success. Contact us today to learn more.