Digital Marketing Calendar

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Calendar

Most small business owners don’t have a defined marketing budget. They tend to spend money on marketing in an inconsistent manner. This poor planning or lack of planning often leads to overspending or underspending on marketing. Additionally, this will adversely affect a company’s revenues and the overall effectiveness of marketing efforts. It’s important for any small business to use a marketing plan to outline affordable digital marketing tactics, and get more for their marketing spend. Using a digital marketing calendar is crucial to outline affordable digital marketing tactics and get more for your marketing dollars.

Tim, the owner of a residential cleaning service, has spent thousands of dollars advertising in HOA directories over the years. The directory generates a few calls every year but has become less effective and more expensive over time. Tim was frustrated and did not know how to get more from his marketing dollars. 

We implemented a digital marketing calendar to outline new marketing activities and content on a month-to-month basis. Following the calendar assures that a steady stream of promotion reaches the right target audience, keeping Tim’s services in the minds of his existing customers and attracting new ones. We also showed him exactly where he would be spending his marketing dollars to measure the effectiveness of each activity. 

Don’t know where to begin with your digital marketing calendar? Reach out to us to get started.