When it comes to Digital Marketing, most small businesses are shooting in the dark. They try one marketing service one day and another marketing service another day. Often, they simply just shoot something out to the public on an inconsistent basis and see what sticks. (i.e. Shotgun Marketing). This marketing approach may get you a hit every now and then but over time it’s not effective and it’s expensive. At Bizography, we work with our clients to ensure they understand who are their clients, how to reach their clients and how to keep clients. This approach eliminates Shotgun Marketing because you know who you are targeting and you target them consistently. When you execute our approach once, you can execute it several times effectively. Finally, it gets results, with a good Return on Investment (ROI). IF Shotgun Marketing is your strategy, contact us at 770-343-6569 or visit our website at www.bizography.com . We can help you stop shooting in the dark!