Is Your Marketing in Concert?

Is your marketing in concert? Are you hitting all the right notes? Many small businesses have a disjointed, uneven approach to marketing their company. Your website should be the lead singer, your SEO marketing hits the drums, email marketing should play lead guitar, social media should be your horn section, and online advertising should play the bass guitar. When marketing your services individually, you only hear that one instrument. You may pick off one fan who likes that sound, but your entire audience does not hear all the music.

Many clients only do Search Engine Marketing on their website and rely solely on people finding them on Google. Ten years ago, that strategy may have worked, but today, over 45% of users don’t initiate their search online with google. If someone is looking for a product, that percentage goes up to 60%. So, having an email marketing campaign will hit your existing customers, online advertising will generate new leads, social media marketing will target friends, friends of friends, and constituents. This approach gives the entire audience (your target client) a chance to hear your music. 

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