Your Website is Online - Now What?

Your Website is Online – Now What?

In most cases, you’ve invested time and money to have your website built to convey information about your products and services, brand, and the value you bring to clients. Now what? A common myth that many business owners make is believing that once your website is online, you’ll automatically attract visitors. The leads will magically start flowing. It’s not that simple. In reality, you’ve just taken the first step. 

Attracting website visitors takes a significant amount of time and marketing effort. We advise our clients to focus on search engine optimization, online ads, blog posts, videos, and content to generate leads. Only then will they begin to see an increase in traffic to their site and determine what works best. The key is to have a strategy!

Tracy came to us and needed help getting more clients to buy her teas, herbs, and wellness elixirs. After completing her website, we developed a social media plan and ran Facebook ads to drive clients to her online store. We also used her content to post to her blog. It’s been three months, and she’s seen an increase in online sales, captured leads, and now is excited to try email marketing. 

If you are a small business owner in need of a website and or need to attract visitors to your existing website, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how Bizography, Inc. can help.