How to Win with Geo-Targeting

“All Business is Local” this axiom has been true in business for a long time. What may be a surprise to most people is that that axiom remains true on the internet also. Over 85% of the business directly or indirectly transacted on the internet happens at the local level. Most businesses that have a physical presence rely on customers within a 10 to 15 miles radius of their location to attract clients. This proximity is why geo-targeting is a critical concept when marketing your products and services. It shrinks your universe of available clients and forces you to focus on clients in a particular area, learn the market, and what customers in that area truly want. Most of all, geo-targeting can boost your conversions. 

One of our clients, Eric, sells a high-end garage floor coating product that typically sells for over $3000. In Atlanta, he quickly realized that he needed to target affluent neighborhoods that had homes starting at $500,000 and up. By geo-targeting his customer, his close rate went from 30% to 70 %. It helped him develop a profile of his ideal client and saved him money on travel expenses because his target area is smaller. By gaining a large number of clients in a specific area, he was also able to increase his referral business to friends of his clients. 

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